Storm season

It has been some weeks since our blog was updated, due to a number of influencing factors, namely the seasonal effects of the ever increasing wind and rain that has defined November in North Wales and much of the UK.

Our Anglesey office was compromised due to a BT fault to the internet and phone connection caused by the conditions, so apologies to those customers unable to reach us through those evenues.

Now as you may expect, we have been attending the needs of customers who have suffered from tree failures, from single limbs being ripped off, to whole trees being uprooted due to the water logged ground they reside in offering poor anchor substrate for their complicated root structure. Tree work in North Wales at this time of year always throws up such eventualities, with Anglesey tree surgery ahead of nearby counties like Conwy and Gwynedd for record gusts accelerating off the Irish sea and inflicting sustained pressure on the trees that colonise the island.

We have removed a tree off a summer house in Gwalchmai, Anglesey, Taken a large Pine tree off a signal box in Valley Anglesey for Network rail, and had several call outs where decisions on how safe trees are looking in such conditions have put customers minds at rest or indeed confirmed their worries.

We are a flexible company who pride ourselves on answering the needs of customers who require tree surgery advise and tree work carried out throughout conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey.

Call us to arrange site visits to discuss the issues you may have regarding your trees safety and health.

Crane power.

For years and years the continual lifting of timber manually has taken its toll. Investment in machinery to lessen the affects of this pursuit has always been the dream, now thanks to a lengthy search, and much deliberation our company now has such an asset.

Tree surgeons globally will recognise the need for a mechanical advantage when handling timber in quantity. Here in North Wales, tree surgery is no different. Frequently over the years we have pushed the boat out for the needs of finishing a job in one visit, working in fowl weather conditions, or just to retain a job position by working as hard as humanly possible to secure the employability of ones self.

Enough is enough, and it is our mission to allow as much of the ugly weight lifting to be carried out by our crane arm mounted on the chassis of the new work horse, a Mitsubishi Canter. Fully equipped with electric power winches front and rear mounting, we have the ability to drag large amounts of weight to within reach of the powerfull crane arm that then lifts weight straight into the truck body.

Tree surgery within North wales needs to have an adaptable approach, in methods our tree surgeons practise, and in the equipment available to implement an efficient and strategic process. We have already been able to reduce costs to our customers throughout Anglesey, Conwy and Gwynedd due to the re investment the company bases its ethos on, leading to a wider range of equipment available to solve tree surgery issues in North Wales. Look after your workforce, improve morale, and retain a keen and not too overworked gang, something our customers frequently comment on.

If you need a quotation for tree surgery in North Wales, advice about tree issues on Anglesey, in Conwy, or in Gwynedd, please get in touch with Mike or myself through the web site/facebook/telephone or e mail.

Our company thrives on attending the needs of any tree surgery in North Wales that may be a small aesthetic pruning job in your garden to deal with this years extroadinary growth rate, or indeed dealing with the larger scale site clearance, timber extraction or heavier jobs that you need the professional personnel and equipment to ensure a cost effective and suitable response is achieved.

Tree surgery North Wales is our business, put us to the test…..

Turning leaves.

Today I drove past a Horse Chestnut tree that was clearly turning yellow, red and all the shades of a classic Autumn pallet. Now I know that we are obsessed with the weather, and this year seems to be a real headliner, but the early turning of the Chestnut was alarming……I am sure thats early!

Does the heavy rainfall we have had, lack of warmth and sunlight, or global weather changes account for this seemingly early turn, any one with any answers please drop us a line with an explanation!

As far as North Wales Tree Surgery goes, we have a full plate, so another indication as to the seasons changing. The long hard summer days of super hedge trimming may well be coming to a close, with a distinct rise in tree related enquiries throughout Conwy, Anglesey and Gwynedd.

Our week begins on Anglesey with a large project reclaiming an overgrown treasure near Pen Mon. Our clients wish to capatalise on the impressive view toward the great Orme and the Carneddau, so we will be removing mature Sycamore trees, manage the vegetation on the seaward bank and clear a substantial area of mixed thorn, as well as inspecting and deadwooding the impressive and beautiful Corsican pines that line the boundary of the plot.

Our tree surgery company will then split into two teams for the remainder of the week to enable us to answer the tree surgery needs of our growing customer base throughout North Wales, with jobs being undertaken in Conwy, central Anglesey, and Penmaenmawr respectively. Tasks include, removal of large dangerous Sycamore currently posing a risk to one of the many footpaths that disect Anglesey, Re scaling a large Escolonia hedge (still a bit of hedge interest!) and in Conwy we will be removing a mature Leylandi row as the light reaching the property they live on is severly influenced by the trees.

Lets hope for an Indian summer to raise the spirits and dry out those damp feelings of Autumn picking up momentum.

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