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A long time since our last post, Britain have decided to leave the EU, and England thrashed the Wallabies 3-0 on their southern hemisphere tour. Stand out news, I am sure you will agree. Underhill and Sharp tree surgery is changing too; we now offer our services to a larger client base reaching as far as Flintshire, Shropshire and many coastal and border villages to North Wales.

We are developing a wider selection of equipment in order to minimise time spent on jobs and ultimately delivering more efficient and economic costings and time frames to our customers. We now have the ability to process larger amounts of waste by investing in a stronger machine.

Professional tree care, tree surgery and arboricultural related practices are our business. Conwy tree surgery needs are met by our hardworking staff, Anglesey tree surgery is performed regularly from one of our Two depots for the business, and working throughout Gwynedd, tree surgery situations are often solved by us.

Recent customers included a national renewable energy firm from Cornwall, PEP, Landon developments (Flintshire) ,Anglesey and North Wales highways agencies, and an ever increasing private customer base within Anglesey, Conwy and Gwynedd.

Tree surgery, Canopy reductions, dangerous tree removal, assessments in tree health/sustainability, hedge work, vegetation management, site clearance, pruning, planting, timber extraction, and chipping services, are a taste of the services you can find at Underhill and Sharp tree surgery ltd.

We employ the top Arborists in North Wales, who come from all over Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey to work for Underhill and Sharp tree surgery Ltd. They have received the best training and have acquired endless experience throughout their careers. It is our aim to supply them with a safe, efficient work site within which they can perform professional tree surgery utilising the latest strategies and techniques known within the industry. put us to the test

We offer a response to any tree related issues in the form of advice, quotations, tree surgery, and consultation and aftercare. Please contact Underhill and Sharp tree surgery Ltd for any of the above.



A light reduction of the whole crown, best applied when all other methods are explored.

2016 Menu of work, a flavour of whats on the cards for our tree surgeons and arborists.

To compliment this blog our company regularly updates it’s facebook page, bristling with original and stylish posts from its creator and loyal guardian, Mike Sharp. The energy and time that these modern networking tools absorb to execute is considerable, especially after a full day “on site”. Hopefully another illustration of the companies diligence to effort and commitment, aiming to bring to life the industry within which we operate in.

Trusting tradesmen and women can come at a price, both positive and negative aspects can be encountered. It is Underhill and Sharp’s mission to deliver accurate, friendly and honourable results to our loyal customer base, who in turn will spread our name across the area, as a trusted firm who act upon their word and achieve excellence within their field; tree surgery, arboriculture and associated services.

The list of jobs we have already completed this year includes a wide range of industry favourites;

Professional crown reductions, actively avoiding lopping, topping and battering trees (something of a growing trend within the area our beautiful coastline trees reside) I would love to reveal known culprits who regularly degrade the amenity value of our beautiful trees, but that may not be as professional as we are trying to profess. Rest assured, be mindful to ask the backround and experience of your potential craftsmen.

Dangerous tree removal, over domestic house building. Never failing to get the adrenalin pulsing, this cornerstone of our specialist services needs a great team work ethic, with communication and the appreciation of dynamic shock loading of rigging equipment essential! Refer back to Mike’s first post of the year on the companies facebook page for some great action shots and explanations.

Site clearance is common, especially when new guardians of a freshly purchased property decide to start from scratch. This was exactly what our customers in Llanfairfechan asked us to do on Tuesday last week, so we duely obliged. Some great action shots of our tree surgeons operating in a tight situation within one of the many towns we operate in throughout North Wales.

Having visited many more jobs this week, the forthcoming tree surgery menu looks full, and our efforts to serve Anglesey, Conwy and Gwynedd continue with gathering momentum in what promises to be another great year for our trusted service.

Thanks to Mike, your visual director in operations through our facebook page, and thanks to our staff who are continually producing their best work for our customers to enjoy.

Get in touch through one of the many avenues for your tree related jobs to be dispatched by us.

Free tree work quotes, site visits and information throughout North Wales. Underhill and Sharp tree surgery Ltd, here to help.


Serving Conwy, Gwynedd, and Anglesey. Underhill and Sharp Tree Surgery Ltd.


If you are in search of professional tree surgeons who operate in North wales, throughout Conwy, Anglesey and gwynedd, then contact Underhill and Sharp tree Surgery Ltd.

Having served clients, both comercially and in domestic settings throughout the companies three year history we have quickly gained the trust of many local residents and local businesses. The success of this company is the ability to cover a large area efficiently, with depots situated on Anglesey, and Conwy. Tree surgery encompasses a wide variety of tasks, specialising in creative and visually aesthetic results, our dedicated team pride ourselves on this aspect of the industry when many other so called tree surgeons hack and ruin beautiful trees all over the local areas.

Tree removal, tree thinning, woodland re spacing, dangerous tree removal, crown reductions, arboricultural assessments and reports, are a few of the areas we offer our services to customers throughout Conwy, Anglesey and Gwynedd.

Visit our web site, get in touch through facebook, or call and chat to our team who will be pleased to assist and advise every step of the way.

Happy new year tree lovers.

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